Dinner Menu

Namasu – Dressed Sashimi

Fresh shucked coffin bay oysters with pickled myoga, cucumber jelly, lime & masago
$4.50 each / $21.50 ½ Dozen / $38.50 Dozen

Hiramasa Kingfish
Sashimi served with nibaizu dressing, fresh dikon, bonito jelly and shiso

Tasmanian Salmon
Sashimi with spicy ginger and white miso dressing, toasted sesame and spring onion

Yellow Fin Tuna Yukke
Tartar of tuna, wagarashi, shiso mayonnaise, umeboshi, yuzi salt and black caviar

Sashimi – Raw Seafood

traditionally sliced raw seafood  – 3 per serve

Mooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna – $7.50

Tasmanian Salmon – $6.50

Hiramasa Kingfish - $7.00

Australian Barramundi - $7.00

Amai Ebi - $1.60 each

QLD Scallop - $3.30 each

Coffin Bay Oysters - $3.50 each

Sashimi Moriawase
chef’s selection of the day’s best fish – 5 different seafood, 2 piece each


Traditional seasoned sushi rice with chosen topping – two per serve

Mooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna – $7.50

Tasmaniam Salmon – $6.50

Hiramasa Kingfish – $7.00

Australian Barramundi – $7.00

QLD Scallop – $7.00

Unagi – BBQ eel – $7.00

Seared Tasmanian Salmon – $7.00

Nigiri Moriawase
Daily Selection of chef’s nigiri – 6 pieces


Seasoned Sushi rice rolled with nori seaweed

Mooloolaba Ebi
King prawn, mango, coriander and shallots inside out roll, tempura flakes

California Roll
Local spanner crab, with cucumber and avocado, red tobiko

Spicy Tuna
Mooloolaba yellowfin tuna, avocado and house made fermented spicy chill sauce, with
katsuo bushi

Crispy Kani Roll
Fried soft shell crab, avocado salad, furikake and sweet soy

Rainbow Roll
Salmon, tuna, kingfish, prawn with avocado and cucumber, flying fish roe

Maki Moriawase
Chef’s selection of our specialty rolls – 8 pieces

Ipping Ryori - Side Dishes

Miso Soup – White miso soup
Vegetable – $6.90

Local spanner crab – $10.90

Soyabeans, blanched and salted – $6.00

Panfried with togarashi and garlic seasoning – $9.00

Steamed snow peas tossed in traditional sesame seed dressing

Nashi pear and asian leaves, light soy, umeboshi dressing

Japanese Pickle
Cucumber, dikon, carrot, umeboshi, takana

Yasai Itame
Seasonal japanese vegetables steamed, finished with sake and seaweed salt

Rice – Steamed $3.50
Wakame – $6.50

Age Mono – Deep Fried Food

Age Dashi
Crispy silken tofu, dashi broth and dengaku nasu

Vegetable Tempura
Selection of japanese vegetables, served with matcha salt and tentsuyu sauce

Seafood Tempura
Zucchini flower filled with prawns and local fish, oyster and squid, with kombu salt, tentsuyu sauce and shiso dressing

Zensai – Appetizers

Soy quail, bamboo & mountain vegetable rice, komatsuna, wagarashi

Six pork dumplings, pickled vegetables & spicy ponzu.

Shoyu glazed beef short rib
winter vegetables and sato imo crisps

Yakimono – Grilled Foods

Tasmanian salmon, soba grain, edamame, shishito peppers, Mooloolaba prawn & shellfish

Macha Soba
Green tea soba noodles, local spannercrab, squid, crispy school prawns, onsen egg and karasumi

Tori Teriyaki
Teriyaki glazed chicken roll, lotus root and gobo filling, king oyster mushrooms and suzuke baby onions in soy. Served with wakame rice

Buta Ba’ra
Crisp pork belly, garlic chips, pickled nashi pear, kabocha & kabu salad, blood plum amazu sauce

Aburi Gyu Niku
Australian grass fed eye fillet, red miso eggplant, king brown mushrooms, wasabi & spinach.

Kanmi  – Dessert

Ice Cream
Assortment of japanese house made ice cream

70% Couverture Dark Chocolate
Flourless cake, mousse, umeshu ice cream

Okinawa Caramel and banana ice-cream, salted kinako tempura mochi and choc candy

Sake custard pudding, yuzu ice and nashi pear fritter

Omakase - Tasting Menu

Chefs selection of dishes

5 Course - $70

7 Course – $85

9 Course – $95


We are a Fully Licensed Venue